Monthly Archives: October 2014

Heater Matrix Upgrade

By far the toughest job I’ve ever undertaken on this car was replacing the heater matrix to the uprated version.  The original was so poor, with not enough airflow to even lightly demist the front windscreen, let alone melting ice in the winter.  As an all year round daily driver, this upgrade was essential, and has paid off immensely, so I’m glad it’s out of the way.  Not only does the window demist rapidly, the car really warms up now 🙂

Nevertheless, crowbars, cursing and cut hands, I feel for anyone whose ever undertaken this work!

I was fortunate to have a massive helping hand from my father-in-law – I’m not sure his term “active relaxtion” counted here – and my brother-in-law, who joined in when we needed an extra pair of hands.  It took an entire weekend, but we did it! 🙂

The big question… would we have started if we knew what we’d have to go through?!?!?

All hands on deck!