Murphy, (EAY 353K), was born on the 25th of May 1972, and hit the roads of Leicestershire in Glacier White. A year or so later, he was painted red, (as seen in image 1), then the mid-90’s, after years in the care of various owners in the Midlands, he was changed to Brooklands Green, (images 2 & 3). I acquired him in 2013 from an owner in Bournemouth, in pretty good condition for the price paid. It was very apparent that this car hadn’t been used a lot, and would need some major TLC if I were use him as a daily driver, and so began our adventures together – and the start of this blog site.

Murphey from the 1970’s to the 1990’s

Between Summer 2017 & Summer 2018, Murphy underwent major external restoration – open-heart surgery – as it was described to me, which you can read all about in this blog.  As part of this work, he was also resprayed British Racing Green (Dark), transitioned to a new personalised plate, (MGB 72K), and is now looking better than ever!

Facts & Figures:
   Date of First Registration: 09 06 1972
   Make: MG
   Model: B GT
   Body Type: Sports
   Taxation Class: Historic Vehicle
   Cylinder Capacity (CC): 1793 CC
   Type of Fuel: Petrol
   Wheelplan: 2-Axle Rigid Body
   Colour: Green




Commissioning No: G23D 053815 Z
   G: MG
   23: B
   D: GT
   Z: Pressed Steel, Cowley




Car No. (Chassis No.): GHD5/286375-G
   G: Make – MG
   H: Engine Type – BMC B-Series Engine, 1.8L (MGB)
   D: Body Type – GT or Coupe
   5: Series – Mk3 (1970-1979)
  286375: Sequential No.
   G: Factory – Abingdon 

Engine No: 18V582F – H7217
Engine Series: 18V
   18: 1798cc
   V: Vertical (In-Line)
   Engine No: 582F
          582F: Bf+Pf+We+R
                   Bf: Lucas 16ACR or 17ACR alternator with negative earth
                   Pf: Pre-engaged starter motor (when not normally fitted)
                   We: Center gear change
                   R: Laycock overdrive
H: High compression
Engine No.: 7217

Body No: GBD 055735 P
   GBD: GT Chrome Bumper

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