Monthly Archives: December 2014

Springs, Exhaust & Nipples

Good news, the rear springs and exhaust I recently purchased were fitted today, and all is looking well 🙂

The rear of the car is sitting a tad higher than before, and there is a really noticeable difference in road handling when driving. Going over bumps is smoother and around bends is far steadier… I should have done this sooner!

The new exhaust has also made quite a difference, especially getting rid of excessive noise and rattle compared to the old one – I’ll bet my neighbours notice the difference! I’m very pleased that Murphy has maintained that nice sound you’d expect from a sports car of that era.

Whilst up on the lift to do the springs, a quick check was made of Murphy’s gearbox oil levels, which was fine, and a quick work round to grease nipples was also done, (as per the MGB Lubrication Chart UK), as some places aren’t that easy to reach unless lifted up.

I have a bit of a drive to do tomorrow, so this should put the new parts to the test properly.