Monthly Archives: July 2015

Prop Shaft & Rack Gaitor Replacement

A harsh whining noise coming from the prop shaft require a replacement to be fitted, and whilst at it, an MOT advisory from a few months ago called out perished rack gaitors, so this seemed an opportune time to put this to bed too.

Electronic Ignition Upgrade

Having run Murphy for a couple of years as a daily drive through all seasons, electronic ignition, or in this case, electronic points substitution, was something I’d been considering as an upgrade, as it professed to be an improvement over standard points, especially on cold damp days.

The following forums gave a good insight into the pros & cons of upgrading to electronic ignition:

After completing my research, I decided to purchase the Powerspark kit, which in my case was for the 25D4 distributor, together with a new ignition coil, HT leads, distributor cap and spark plugs – all fitted on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

After tweaking the timing (distributor rotating) to take account of the new setup, I cannot sing the praises of this enough.  Not only does Murphy start beautifully first time on even the coldest and dampest of days, the general running/idling has also significantly improved, and is much smoother than before.

For a low cost, easy to implement upgrade that all bar a little bit of negligible wiring, that is quite out of sight, I highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to improve the performance of their MGB GT.

Distributor removed

Close up of removed distributor