Monthly Archives: March 2016

Winchester MGOC Cobweb Spin

Organised by the Winchester MG Owners Club, we headed out for a family day out at Sir Harold Hillier Arboretum and Gardens near Romsey, Hampshire.

“MG Owners from far and wide will be proudly displaying their beautiful classics such as MGAs, MGBs and Midgets. There will be other Golden Oldies including makes such as Triumph, Morris and Austin.”

It was really nice to meet up with other owners of these beautiful classic cars, as well as other members of the local Winchester club, who I don’t get to see as often as I’d like due to working hours/commitments.

Being so close to home, this was definitely something I’d do again, as the family and I are frequent visitors to these gardens. A lovely day in the most beautiful, picturesque surroundings, with my favourite kind of cars all around me. There was only one word to describe this – bliss! 🙂

A big thank-you to Steve and the other organisers in the Winchester MGOC for arranging this. 🙂

Battery & Alternator Replacement

The old AC Delco battery in Murphy reached the end of it’s life, so it was time for a replacement. Whilst testing the current flow to the battery, I also found that the alternator wasn’t performing anywhere near as well as it ought to be. Once again, time for replacement parts!

I also noticed that the cables going into the connector on the alternator had perished over time, so they were cut back and re-crimped.

Not a big job – one I was able to get out of the way on a Saturday morning – and not too costly either, so I can’t complain really!