Flattening and colour choice

Following priming, Chris has been busy flattening the paintwork in readiness for the main coat.

Having selected my colour choice, British Racing Green Dark (GN-29), Chris kindly sprayed me a curved metal section, so I could take it away, look at in in different light conditions, and be sure it was the colour I wanted. There’d be no going back – well, not without taking it back and starting over, which would not be good, especially on the pocket, so it was great to be able to validate this on metal. Below is the screen from the paint mixing system, which had GN-29 in it’s library 🙂

Screen photo from paint mixing system

I found through the colour charts and online research that there were various shades of racing greens over the years. If you take a look in my Image Gallery, you’ll see colour charts and sections on various greens, which I used to help my decision. Bear in mind, looking on a computer screen does not give any accuracy, but it gave me a rough idea and a good starting point.

As you can see from the photo below, my new choice of green was very different to the original green that Murphy had before this work began.