Rear window heater?

Following yesterday’s post where I noted the rear window heater wasn’t working even though 12V was present, I woke up this morning to find everything frozen outside.

I scraped the ice from the exterior of Murphy’s windows before heading off, but I’m now wondering if the rear window heater is actually working after all, albeit very slowly, as I could swear the rear window seemed to clear of condensation faster than usual, (usual being leaving the window open until it clears).

Either that, or the condensation evaporated naturally, as I did have the window for a few minutes, but it wasn’t for that long since it was so cold.

Intriguing… I’ll be checking more closely tomorrow, as if this is working, I’ll be very pleased.

Does anyone know how the rear window heater performs on MGB GT’s?

Is really slow, actually normal behavior?

Should I invest in that hot air fan thingy I’ve seen on eBay for a tenner to blast the rear window clear???